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What’s INSIDE?

This is the first affirmation in the book. I choose this to be the first affirmation because a lot times we think that our story doesn’t matter. That the gifts we were blessed with were supposed to remain hidden and that’s a lie.

You are supposed to allow your gifts to make room for you in this world. This book is set up so that you read the title affirmation first. Then you read the mantra and repeat it as much as you like. Then get reaffirmed as to why this affirmation is so important.

This dynamic book is filled with daily affirmations designed to uplift and promote healing.

It has a daily affirmation plus a repeat statement to help push you through on the days you need it most.

Journal pages are included at the end of the book to allow you to fully express yourself in full color. The author believes that you can Glow through whatever it is in life that you are going through. So, color outside the lines and know even if your crayons are broken, they still color.


Filled with profound affirmations, this book is will help you realize the gifts you are blessed with should be shared with the world.