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Elnora Maxwell LLC

A company she built with her sister that specializes in Administrative services, event planning, show production for pod-casters and those whom want to have shows that stream via social media.

Structured & Creative

Working in corporate America the last 20 years doing administrative and customer service work, designing over the top creative birthday parties, weddings, baby’s showers and corporate events, Elnora has structured her business into a dynamic and creative force for her clients.


Unique & Aware

A proud native of North Chicago, IL. Maxi truly became aware of her uniqueness after find out she was born at home verses in a hospital in the  early 80s.

Author & Producer


A published author debuting her first affirmation book entitled “All My Broken Crayons Still Color” releasing Spring of 2021 that is designed to help promote healing.

She is also the show producer for Radical Radio, Paint & Release, and Hey Girl Hey which can all be found on Facebook and YouTube.
Her mission is to continue to help you Glow through what you grow through.

Business Bio

Elnora Maxwell LLC

Is a boutique business support company. Specializing in providing admin services, event planning, & visual and audio show production packaged to fit your individual business needs.

Support means to hold up or add strength to whether it’s literally or figuratively. A lot of times being a business owner good help is hard to  come by so let Elnora Maxwell help.

Services are being offered to new and existing businesses; whether you’re planning you’re an event or maybe you are simply trying to organize your schedule, or you have an amazing idea and want to  bring it to life . Allow us to show you how to Glow Through whatever you’re going through. 

“Glow Through Whatever it is
You Are Going Through.”

-Elnora Maxwell


Elnora Maxwell is available for interviews regarding her latest project.



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